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    Module 1 presents the basics for a conscious and critical handling of media. It shows how media-related contents for children in early childhood education and care (ECEC) can be integrated into their daily educational process in a way that is appropriate for their development, lifestyle and age.

    In order to work actively and creatively with the media and to pass on this knowledge to children, it makes sense to acquire a few media technology basics. The aim is not to understand the technology down to the smallest detail but to gain a basic understanding of the functionality and networking capabilities of media technology.

    This module is aimed primarily at technically inexperienced ECEC professionals in order to enable them to work actively and creatively with the media. It is recommended to also use the module to refresh and deepen already existing knowledge.

    (Digital) media are very relevant to younger children’s interests. Even the youngest ones are playing on tablets or smartphones and enjoy the funny sounds and moving pictures. For children between the ages of three and six, media are especially storytellers or toys. Children are usually unable to assess and predict the impact and consequences of their use of media. It is therefore important to include the topic of media in early childhood education and care (ECEC) in order to introduce preschool children to a competent and critical approach to media at an early age.

    Kids love their media heroes - but why are they so intriguing to them?

    The chapter helps to differentiate between advertising and content according to age.

    Introduction to everything teachers should know when using photography – from uploading to image editing.

    No clue about filming? No problem! Basic knowledge and a “How-to” enable you to create short films with preschool children.

    The use of radio plays, music and first own sound recordings can be realised with little technical effort.

    Not just for advanced users - the basics of programming are easier to explain than expected.

    Here you can receive a persolalised Certificate of Attendance. To get it you have to login and solve the Final Test. Enjoy!