Welcome to Kit@ e-learning tool!

This online learning portal aims to help preschool teachers with their daily work with children in a media world. It contains basic information about the use of media as well as practical examples of how to incorporate the learned into daily work with children.

The courses build on each other in content, but can also be completed independently. Each course consists of various sub-chapters and learning sequences with additional information or tasks for the consolidation and application of what has been read. In the end, each chapter can be completed with a test. Practical materials for the kindergarten can be downloaded at the end.

Module 1: Basic framework of media literacy

This chapter briefly explains the basics of media literacy and the importance of media in everyday life of educators, parents and of course pre-schoolers.

Module 2: Basic Knowledge of New Media Technology

The most important media for use in kindergarten are presented and explained.

Module 3: Module 3: Insights into the Early Childhood Media World

What media do children between 3 and 6 use, what is their media world and how can parents and teachers guide and provide appropriate content?

Module 4: Media Heroes

Kids love their media heroes – but why are they so intriguing to them?

Module 5: Advertising and commercial

The chapter helps to differentiate between advertising and content according to age.

Module 6: Photography

Introduction to everything teachers should know when using photography – from uploading to image editing.

Module 7: Video & Stop Motion

No clue about filming? No problem! Basic knowledge and a “How-to” enable you to create short films with preschool children.

Module 8: Audio

The use of radio plays, music and first own sound recordings can be realised with little technical effort.

Module 9: Coding and programming

Not just for advanced users – the basics of programming are easier to explain than expected.

Final quiz and Personalised certificate of attendance

Info about the certificate of attendance… TODO