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These are examples of all questions types.
1. Example of multiple choice question.
It's a question with multiple answers and only one is correct.
2. Example of multiple response question. It's a question with multiple answers and more then one are correct.
3. Example of true/false question.
4. Example of question type "Drop down". Only one answer is correct.
5. Example of numeric question. The answer is a number.
2 + 3 = ?
These are real true/false questions from Eugenia.
6. Parents should select appropriate media for their children and then allow their children to make their selection from this pre-selection list.
7. Children's ability to perceive, process, understand and select media is closely related to their interests.
8. Because of their developing memory and attention skills, three to six-year-olds are particularly interested in media offers that involve a complicated scenario.
9. Repetitive listening to or viewing media offers results in recognition and establishment of long-term memory.
These are real multiple choice questions from Eugenia. Unfortunately, is not possible to use drop-down within the sentence, like in Moodle. The user have to type in the answer. Mouse over the Hint will show possible answers.

10. For children between the ages of three and six, media are storytellers or toys.
11. It is a good idea that ECEC centres introduce media and media literacy in a/an .
12. Media Childhood is the term that describes the in children’s everyday life.