• About this Module

    When studying this course you will…

    • Get information about how to deal with the topic “advertising” in ECEC Centres
    • Understand why advertising is so exiting for children and how it appeals to them
    • Gain knowledge about different advertising forms and media
    • Be informed about legal framework conditions (i.e. "Rundfunkstaatsvertrag” (Interstate Broadcasting Treaty) or the “Jugendmedienschutz-Staatsvertrag” (Protection of children and youth in the Media)
    • Know how ECEC professionals can help children to develop a reflective approach to advertising

    In this module…

    • The influence of advertising on children of preschool age will be discussed
    • Practical advice will be given
    • Activities will support you to better understand the content and to prepare for the assessment
    • Further links will guide you to more information