• Support Parents

    Advertising accompanies children in their everyday lives and should therefore be addressed by both ECEC professionals and parents in an effective cooperation. Parents may be uncertain about the topic of advertising and have questions about it, which they address to the ECEC professionals. If parents are given insights into the media education work on the topic in ECEC centres and into the child's perception of advertising as well as tips on information offers, this can be very helpful for the parents and is bound to strengthen their educational partnership.

    An important piece of information for parents is above all that the topic of advertising in the family is primarily relevant when visiting a toy shop or buying groceries in the supermarket, since children can express clear preferences for certain products very early on. However, it is often difficult for them to explain why they prefer this particular pudding or toy. Parents can also encounter their children's consumption wishes that they do not want to fulfil or that they do not understand. That the children have enthusiasm for this or that product due to advertising, however, is clear to many parents.

    If the topic of advertising is taken up in ECEC centres, many parents will be in favour of it. In addition, the parents themselves can provide important approaches for the media pedagogical work on the topic. It is important to teach parents how the topic is dealt with in ECEC centres and to offer them the opportunity to talk.

    Comprehension Questions

    1. Why should media advertising be addressed by both ECEC professionals and parents?

    2. What is reflected in the children’s preferences for certain products when they are out shopping with their parents?