• Photo Practice

    It is important to show to the children how to use the camera and tablet to increase learning. Cameras or tablets should be presented as devices that must be handled with care. Children often know this from home.

    Consider informing children about the guidelines for handling digital devices during morning circles. You should then repeat them later in small groups to ensure that each child has understood the basic procedures. Also set a fixed location in the room where cameras or tablets are stored when not in use.

    Rules when using a camera:

    • The camera likes clean hands
    • Hold the camera steady
    • Hold the camera carefully
    • Share the camera with your friends
    • Wait for your turn

    There are children who quickly learn how to hold the camera steady and take a targeted photo. Other children will be less precise when taking pictures. In any case, it is advisable to have the children take and be taken photos and to look at the pictures, as this gives them a feeling of ability and achievement. In addition, it is easy to see which topic a child has chosen and what they are interested in.

    Firstly, it would be a good idea to talk to the children about the basic functions of the camera or tablet:

    • How can I switch on the device?
    • How do I take a photo?
    • How do I hold the camera steady?
    • Where can I view the photos in my device?
    • How can I delete a photo that hasn't turned out so good?
    • How do I take close-ups?

    Let the camera move from one child to another so that each child has taken a photo once. Show the children how to look through the camera's viewfinder and focus on the subject they want to take a photo of.

    There are different photo perspectives, which have different effects. Some of the most important perspectives:

    Basic Shot Types

    With extreme close-up photos that the children take themselves, they can create exciting photo puzzles.


    Let the children try out the different shot types and perspectives and then talk about the different effects of the pictures.

    Comprehension Questions

    1. What rules are meaningful for preschool children when using a camera at ECEC?

    2. What are the basic shot types?

    3. What is the difference between a big close-up and an extreme close-up?

    4. What are the basic perspectives of photos and how can you achieve them?