• Basics of App PicCollage

    PicCollage is an app for the creative design of photos. Pictures from your own photo gallery can be used, downloaded directly from the app via the Internet or photographed from the app. Afterwards the pictures can be reworked with various tools and creatively designed. This way you can create collages or design photomontages. Finally, there is the possibility to share with others or print them. The finished collage can also be used as a .jpg file in other programmes.

    The app is attractive and simple. Even younger children can design their own collages after a brief introduction and under supervision. Collages are good for recording and presenting excursions, projects, and activities.

    Due to the many possibilities for image processing and its intuitive usability, PicCollage can be used very well in educational practice. Collages can be posted or created for portfolios, postcards or invitation cards can be designed or albums can be created to remember projects and excursions. Children can record the results of their photo projects with PicCollage and easily print them out. Some suggestions can be found in the practice examples of this modular training programme.

    Developer: Cardinal Blue Software, Inc.
    Systems: Android, iOS and Windows
    Costs: The basic app is free of charge; the full version can be purchased through In-App purchase.
    Target Groups: Pedagogical professionals; preschool children from 4 years onwards; primary school children; parents
    Topics: Creative design and painting; practical media work
    Advertising: Provider advertises for further in-app purchases; does not contain marked advertising and links to communication services. Therefore, use with children only under supervision.
    Usability: Only limited functionality offline. Internet connection should be available.
    Navigation: Simple and clear.
    Design: Simple, understandable language; clear and high-contrast colours; reader-friendly; clearly designed.

    How does PicCollage work?

    The basic functions of the app are the same on each device, but may differ slightly in design. The following tutorial tries to explain how PicCollage works on the computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone as they are very similar.

    Create collage

    Interface PicCollage

    After opening the app, it is possible to choose between Grids (there is a template for the arrangement of the photos), Cards (there are pre-designed templates selectable) and Freestyle (work freely on a sheet). Projects that have already been edited can also be opened again here.

    This short video shows how to create a collage in PicCollage:

    Add photos

    After selecting a form for a new collage, i.e. Grids, photos can be added to be integrated into the collage. The file browser opens automatically with the template photos. In case of Freestyle, one clicks on any place of the background. A small menu becomes visible and asks for the source from which the photos should be selected. The following options are available:

    Various Options to Edit a Collage

    • Photos: Select one or more photos in the file browser. To select multiple photos at once, hold down the Ctrl key while selecting.
    • Using Camera: Photographs are taken with the internal camera. To do this, go to the selection "Photos".
    • Web Image: Photos can be integrated directly from the Internet into the collage. However, due to copyright law, it should be noted here whether the photos may be used. If the pictures are only used to demonstrate something internally in the group, this should not be a problem.
    • Text: From here it is possible to access the text editor of the app, with which texts can be added to the collage.
    • Stickers: From here a selection of stickers can be added to the collage. These include smilies, hearts, flowers, thought and speech bubbles, and much more.
    • Backgrounds: This opens a menu where different backgrounds can be selected. Backgrounds with a lock should be purchased. Backgrounds without a lock are free of charge.

    Choose a Background

    Arrange photos on the collage

    To resize or rotate an image, use two fingers on the tablet and drag or rotate the image. It is also possible to change the order, i.e. the layer of superimposed photos. To do this, tap or click on the photo below and the photo will move to the foreground. Photos can be deleted using the delete function or by moving the image to the trash in the upper right corner. By touching the trash can, the process can also be undone.

    Edit and Arrange Photos on a Collage

    This short video shows some of the most important features of PicCollage:

    Edit Photos

    The image editing possibilities offered by PicCollage are sufficient for most photos so it is normally not necessary to edit the photos with an extra programme. To edit an image in PicCollage, one taps twice on the corresponding image. A menu opens with the following options: "Effects", "Cutout", "Duplicate" and "Set as Background". If one chooses the function "Effects", an editor opens, with which certain effects (like colour adjustments, blur or focus) can be changed and with which one can straight cut the photo. Using the "Cutout" function, the selected image can be cut out freehand, i.e. not with straight lines as in the "Effects" area. For this purpose, a line is drawn freehand around the cutting area. With the function "Duplicate" an image can be copied within the collage and pasted again. With the function "Set as Background" the selected photo becomes the background image. Other photos and shapes can now be arranged on it.

    Add a Sticker

    There are two ways to add stickers, such as smilies, symbols or speech bubbles. First it is possible to tap on the background or on the plus symbol at the bottom of the display and select “Stickers". The stickers are grouped in specific topics. Some stickers are free, others are not. To select a sticker, simply click on the desired sticker and confirm with a tick in the upper right corner. The stickers can also be changed in size and position, as can photos.

    Add Text

    To add text to the collage, click either once on the background or on the plus symbol at the bottom. When "Text" is selected, an editor opens where the desired text can be entered. Different fonts and colours can be selected. Line breaks can be inserted by pressing the Enter key. Once the text has been designed, the check mark in the upper right corner of the display confirms the selection and inserts it into the collage. Text, like photos and stickers, can be also adjusted in size and position. To edit the text again, simply double-click the text.

    Save Collage

    If you want to save the collage tap "Done" at the bottom right. A new window will open. Select the "Save" function to save the collage on the device. Afterwards an advertisement will often appear which can be clicked away without any problems. Then tap on "Done". The finished collage can also be shared directly in Facebook or printed.

    Save and Share a Collage

    Transfer Collage to Computer

    If you wish, you can transfer the collage to the computer like any other file.

    Start right now and try out your knowledge in practice. Our practical examples may give you some initial ideas.

    Comprehension Questions

    1. Can you explain to another person how to use the PicCollage app?

    2. Why should preschool children be supervised when using PicCollage?

    3. In a few words, what can you create with PicCollage at ECEC?