• Basics of Stop Motion Studio App

    The Stop Motion Studio app makes it easy to create animated films. It is well suited for media pedagogical use and is also easy to use for younger children with supervision.

    You can take photos one after the other directly in the app and you can look at the results again and again. Time sequence of images can be set or erased. With the full version you can also add credits and audio recordings of any kind or effects. The basic version is sufficient for producing a simple stop motion movie. If you want to add music to the film later, you can do this in Movie Maker. The film can be exported at the end to the common film format MP4.

    The app can be used on the operating systems Android, iOS and Windows and can be installed on a tablet or smartphone.

    The website, where you can find Stop Motion Studio App is: https://www.cateater.com.

    Below, there is a brief introduction to Stop Motion Studio app, which is intended to convey basic information. The ? icon in the menu bar at the bottom right of the app takes you to the help menu, which offers clear support.

    Developer: Cateater
    Systems: Android, iOS and Windows
    Costs: The basic app is free of charge. The full version can be purchased from 4.99€ to 5.99€
    Target Groups: Pedagogical specialists, preschool children from 4 years with supervision, primary school children, parents
    Topics: Creative design and painting, practical media work
    Advertising: Basic app contains in-app purchases. To be able to use all functions, full version is required.
    Usability: Fully functional offline.
    Navigation: Simple and clear.
    Design: Simple, understandable language; clear and high-contrast colours; reader-friendly; clearly laid out.

    How does the App Stop Motion Studio work?

    Look at this get started tutorial on You Tube to get an idea of how to create a Stop Motion video:

    or have a look at the creator’s manual for further tips.

    Comprehension Questions

    1. In what operating systems can Stop Motion Studio app be used? 

    2. What different features are available to add to your film? 

    3. How can you add voice recording to your film?

    4. What effects can you use?