• Introduction

    Despite the large number of available multimedia offers, radio plays and other audio offers still play an important role in children’s everyday activities. Listening to audio programmes especially as a family ritual before going to bed or during family trips by car is very popular with children.

    The Audio module offers a great advantage as it can, combined with a lot of fun and without great effort, be introduced to the topic of Media Literacy  suggesting a good approach for media educational work in ECEC. Children between the ages of three and six in particular learn quickly that there is a medium that they can use on their own responsibility. In addition, the audio medium also brings a lot of advantages to ECEC children for productive and creative work. There is hardly a story or topic that cannot be processed as an audio contribution. The sound recording technology, for example the dictaphone on a tablet , is easy to use. Handling is easy to learn and after a short time the technique can be used by the children independently. The only difficulty lies in the cutting of the recordings, which must be done by the ECEC professional on computer. But also, this work is easy and uncomplicated. After all, everyone will have something at their disposal for a long time after a project has been completed.