• Audio in Practice

    As in the photo and video section, children should be shown how to use the audio recording devices. Many of the rules presented in Module 6 can also be applied when working with audio.

    The functions of a dictaphone (e.g. as an app on the tablet) should be discussed with the children:

    • Where do I start a recording?
    • How can I pause a recording?
    • How does it end?
    • Where can I listen to the recording again?


    Most tablets and smartphones already have an integrated dictaphone app that lets you record in good quality. Check your existing device and get familiar with the app's features. Afterwards you can instruct the children. If no app is pre-installed on the device, there is a large selection of apps available for download (e.g. in the Google Play-Store).

    If a story is to be told by means of an audio project, it is important to think about a short script and the length of the project together with the children beforehand. This makes realistic planning easier and lessens preparation time.

    Different music produces different effects. Talk to the children not only about what kind of story they want to tell, but also what emotions they want to trigger in the listener. Listen to different music titles together and discuss which music or sound should be used at which point in the story.

    Of course, it is fun to find sounds in nature or to produce them artificially. But there is also the possibility to download freely available sounds from the Internet.

    Website Topic
    Salamisound: www.salamisound.com Music and sounds for free download.
    Audiyou: www.audiyou.de An Internet portal for uploading and downloading audio files.
    With an extra page for children.
    Auditorix: www.auditorix.de It is a cooperative project for purposeful hearing education and hearing promotion for children.
    With an extra page for children.
    Music and sounds for free download.

    Downloadable Sounds

    Make sure you comply with the privacy policy and copyright with every media project.

    Comprehension Questions

    1. Where can you find sounds to use in your audio projects?

    2. Are there any sounds available to download?