• Introduction

    Children's book author and programmer Linda Liukas says:

    "This generation of children is growing up in a world where computers and coding take up a large part of everyday life. It is therefore important to encourage children to be curious about technology and to show them that they can invent, construct and create many things with a simple computer keyboard".

    Of course, working with young children at ECEC is not about teaching them how to programme using source codes and coding language. Rather, it is a matter of promoting certain skills in a playful way, which is not only decisive in coding, but also in daily life. A few important skills, apart from teaching media literacy, are the promotion of patience and concentration, the expansion of vocabulary, logical and planning thinking, structuring and orientation skills as well as the understanding of symbols.

    Active media work in the area of coding is well suited to satisfy children's basic need for play in a collaborative and thematic manner. However, many professionals are already deterred by the term coding. It seems as if special expertise is required here, but coding simply means recognising structures and sequences, something we do every day.