• Ports and Buttons on a Computer

    Every computer is different, so buttons, ports and sockets are different from one computer to another. However, there are some ports and buttons that are found on most desktop computers. Learning how to use these ports helps when something needs to be connected to the computer, such as a tablet, a printer, a keyboard, or a mouse.

    Picture 9: Front side of a desktop computer

    On the back of a computer case, there are connection ports that are designed for specific devices. Their location varies from one computer to another, and many companies have their own special ports for specific devices. Some of the ports may be colour-coded, which helps determine which port is used with what particular device.

    The following picture shows the most important connections on the back of a desktop PC that may be needed in everyday work at ECEC centres.

    Picture 10: Back side of a desktop computer

    There are many other types of connections. If your computer has ports you don't know, consult the manual for more information or your computer administrator.

    Comprehension Questions

    1. Where are the connection ports located on a desktop PC?

    2. Where are the audio ports located on a desktop PC?

    3. What are the front USB ports used for on a desktop PC?