• Types of Media and Media Perception

    The different types of media can be subdivided according to the senses through which they are perceived. There are

    auditory media that are perceived through the sense of hearing,

    visual media that are perceived exclusively through the sense of sight,

    and audiovisual media that use both the sense of hearing and the sense of sight.

    In addition, there are interactive media, which simultaneously address visual and auditory sensory channels and also enable direct influence on what is happening. These include apps, PC games and websites or applications on the Internet.

    Children use the different types of available media according to their appeal and potential and this occurs in varying intensities. In the case of purely static visual media such as books or photographs, the users themselves determine how long and at what pace they deal with the medium. In dynamic visual and audiovisual media, on the other hand, the medium determines the time of use and the pace of perception.

    Visual media, in particular, are consciously selected by children at a very early age and used independently. The degree of independence and self-determination, on the other hand, only increases with regard to interactive media from preschool age.

    However, it can be seen that children from the age of two are interested in media of all kinds, perceive them consciously and use them as long as they are available and accessible.

    Quiz - Media types

    Drag the media types on the pictures.

    Comprehension Questions

    1. The media can be subdivided according to the senses through which they are perceived. Can you specify these subdivisions and present some examples?

    2. Why do children aged 3-6 prefer a short duration and simple dramaturgy in the offer of media?

    3. What attracts young children to interactive media such as apps on mobile devices and PC games?

    4. What factors affect the children's ability to perceive, process, understand and select media?