• Supporting Parents

    Media characters are of high importance for the everyday life of children and their personal development. For this reason, the topic should also be taken up in discussions between ECEC professionals and parents.

    If one deals with the topic of media characters in ECEC, this is a good opportunity to also exchange information with parents about the broad spectrum and relevance of media characters. For example, parents might be unsure about how to properly handle media characters. Here it can be helpful if the ECEC professionals provide materials or include information on the topic on parents’ days. There is also the opportunity to show parents concrete work results on the topic of media heroes. Conversations can be quite effective if you display relevant handicrafts, paintings, posters or collages made by children with the help of their teachers.

    It is essential that parents become aware of the role that media characters play in the search for orientation and in dealing with children's issues. It is also important to emphasise that, in addition to friends and siblings, parents also have a major influence on which media heroes are favoured by children.

    ECEC professionals also benefit from the exchange with parents, as the parents can provide interesting points for the media pedagogical work on the topic in the ECEC facility.

    Start right now and try out your knowledge in practice. Our practical examples may give you some initial ideas.

    Comprehension Questions

    1. How can you support your conversation about a child’s media heroes with their parents to exchange relevant information effectively?

    2. Why is it important to exchange information about media characters between ECEC professionals and parents?